Cavalier Sues Verizon For Misuse Of 911 Customer Data

(openPR) - Cavalier Telephone, trusted provider of DSL and telephone service in 15 states including the District of Columbia, sued Verizon Virginia for misuse of 911 customer data.

RICHMOND, VA - Cavalier Telephone, an integrated provider of telecommunications and data including local and long distance telephone services and DSL high speed Internet, has sued Verizon Virginia, Inc. in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. The lawsuit is based on Verizon's unlawful use of the Virginia 911 database.

Verizon has relied heavily on the Virginia 911 database to support certain petitions filed by Verizon before the Federal Communications Commission and the Virginia State Corporation Commission. Cavalier's complaint seeks injunctive and declaratory relief.

"The 911 database is a public asset and Verizon has violated the public trust by subverting it to private gain. The 911 system was created to assist law enforcement and emergency services and to facilitate speedy access to such services. Verizon administers that 911 database in most areas, but Verizon's misuse of the database illustrates why some communities, like Virginia Beach, have turned to third parties to administer the database," commented Brad Evans, Executive Chairman of Cavalier (

"Verizon has not only breached public trust, but tried to enlist the FCC to squelch competition, all through misuse of 911 data that violates Verizon's interconnection agreement with Cavalier and Virginia trade secrets law. In this era of heightened concern for assisting emergency services personnel and in protecting customer proprietary information, we believe that Verizon's actions simply cannot go unchallenged. The 911 database is not Verizon's property. It belongs to the communities that the database exists to serve. It should not be illegally harvested by Verizon and turned to Verizon's own ends," Evans continued.

Founded in 1998, Cavalier Telephone is a full-service, rapidly growing Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) operating in 15 states including the District of Columbia. Cavalier has over $1 billion in fiber optic networking assets using state-of-the-art technology to offer high-quality phone and high-speed Internet, including local and long distance service to more than 650,000 business and residential customers. Cavalier also provides services to government and wholesale customers.

About Cavalier Telephone: Cavalier Telephone ( is a provider of communications for home and business. Cavalier provides complete local and long distance phone services and high-speed DSL to residential and business accounts in 15 states including the District of Columbia.

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