Lawyers on Alert as US Presidential Elections come closer

(openPR) - Toronto, Canada—October 24th, 2008—According to several reports both Presidential candidates Barack Obama and Senator John McCain are concerned about the possibility of election fraud and are consulting the top law firms of America to tackle the potentially volatile situation.

Campaign groups of both presidential parties have already started putting together the top team of lawyers to represent the interests of their respective candidates. While both campaigns maintain having a team of lawyers is nothing new and there is no real worry or threat of electoral fraud, many experts believe that ever since the Florida fiasco of 2000 took place, both parties want to make sure that there is no repeat of such an incident and even if it does take place, they are fully prepared to tackle the situation.

And it is not just the presidential campaign teams who are talking about electoral fraud but even legal networking sites like are abuzz with activity from its registered users and lawyers about how the law impacts any problems arising from the elections. From the legal options available to the two candidates, to the talk to people taking legal action against each other for electoral fraud, the lawyer community is on an high alert as the November elections comes closer and closer. Regardless of who wins, many people believe this will be one of the most historical elections in US history which has the potential to change the direction in which the world is headed and with such great importance behind it, there is also the possibility of legal problems arising due to the high stakes involved for so many people, institutions and organizations all around the US and the world. aims to help consumers find the right legal support for their legal needs. Often choosing a lawyer is an important and difficult task for any consumer. narrows the gap here by providing a simple, guided process for consumers to present their legal matters online and then by connecting those consumers to lawyers in an efficient and effective manner. Unlike the yellow pages, gives consumers multiple selections of lawyers to choose from as it stands by that giving the consumers the option is a valuable tool when selecting the right lawyer.'s community is constantly sharing their own legal experiences allowing new consumers to learn from their insights and learning from another who has already been there.

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