Attorney General’s investigation finds MyLuvCrush a not-so-sweet nothing

SEATTLE – Money can’t buy love. But that didn’t stop a Washington-based company from tempting Internet users with the chance to learn the identity of a secret admirer. Unfortunately, any lonely hearts or curious souls who may have bit at Tatto Media, Inc.’s promotion lost out. According to the Washington Attorney General’s Office, the company’s promise to reveal your “LuvCrush” was a sham to sign consumers up for a horoscope text-messaging service.

“Tatto Media’s ‘MyLuvCrush’ promo was nothing but a tease that may have crushed the hearts of hopeful romantics,” said Senior Counsel Paula Selis, an assistant attorney who heads up the office’s Consumer Protection High-Tech Unit. The company, which has offices in Seattle and Boston and promotes itself as a behavioral advertising service, reached an agreement with the AG that restricts how it can advertise in the future. More...