Victoria Ring Is A Freelance Paralegal & Entrepreneur

By: Joel Irving

Victoria Ring is a freelance Certified Paralegal, Certified Bankruptcy Assistant, and the CEO of two successful businesses. Victoria Ring is the reason why law firms should not outsource their legal work to other countries. Ms. Ring has over 20 years of small business marketing experience, which she has used to build a successful freelance business working from home. Moreover, Victoria Ring is credited with being the first paralegal to develop a virtual bankruptcy assistant service that provided online paralegal services to bankruptcy attorneys nationwide.

After building a successful business of her own (The Lawyer Assistant), Victoria Ring discovered that there was a lack of qualified individuals who could draft a well-detailed bankruptcy petition. So in 2003, Victoria Ring began training attorneys, paralegals, and other professionals on how to draft a well-detailed, professional looking bankruptcy petition. Additionally, Ms. Ring has assisted thousands of people in starting their own successful virtual bankruptcy home business.

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