Retaliation for President-Elect Barack Obama’s Election Victory?

(USDOJ) The Department of Justice announced today the unsealing of an indictment charging three Staten Island, N.Y., men with conspiring to assault African-Americans in retaliation for President-Elect Barack Obama’s election victory.

Ralph Nicoletti and Michael Contreras, both 18, and Brian Carranza, 21, were arrested late Tuesday and are scheduled for arraignment today before U.S. Magistrate Judge Roanne L. Mann in Brooklyn. As alleged in the indictment and other court filings, on the night of Nov. 4, 2008, shortly after learning of Barack Obama’s election victory, the group, along with a fourth friend, decided to find African-Americans to assault. Full Story...


  1. My name is Joseph P. Carranza ( 46 ). I was shocked, and horrified to learn, that my Second Cousin, Brian Carranza, is accused in connection with this tragic incident.

    I feel it is my obligation, to speak on behalf of the entire Carranza Family, to convey our deepest, most heart-felt sympathies for the victims of this crime.

    The community at large, should be properly apprised, that the Carranza Family, has historically been one which recognized the injustice/s of racial discrimination, and/or, racial prejudice, and/or, racial hatred, and has historically taken great care to act accordingly.

    Racial prejudice is no stranger to our family. My great-grandfather, Miguel Carranza, ( Brian’s great-great grandfather ), immigrated from Mexico, to the U.S., with his young family, at the time of The Mexican Revolution.

    My grandfather, Alfredo Raoul Carranza, ( Brian’s great-grandfather ), was disowned, for nothing more than the act of marrying my grandmother, Elsie Carranza, ( Brian’s great-grandmother ), a Puerto Rican, while simultaneously, Alfredo’s many brothers were exalted, for their acts of marrying women of various European Ancestries.

    Brian’s father, is of Mexican, and Puerto Rican heritage, and his mother, is of Italian heritage. Hence, Brian is himself, a descendant of several ethnic groups who have suffered the myriad hardships concomitant to racial intolerance in the U.S..

    It may be a development which some would find difficult to contemplate at this point of great tumult, however, I am confident that as the facts of this case are revealed in greater detail, it will become quite clear, that young Brian was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that he, in fact, acted to the best of his ability, in a manner intended to prevent racial violence,….and in fact not in a manner intended to escalate the same.

    In closing, I submit that I have the utmost confidence, that Brian will ultimately be exonerated, and the charges and case against him dropped, predicated on the fact, that it is simply not within the basic nature, and/or, basic orientation of any member of this family, to commit the act/s of which he is accused.

    Joseph P. Carranza

  2. I thank you for your comment and I hope that everything turns out well for you and your family.

  3. Brian Carranza and the three other men have pleaded guilty to the charges. CNN reports that Nicoletti with three other people attacked Contreras in retaliation for him cooperating with authorities. Nicoletti has agreed to a sentence of twelve years which is still pending approval, it is unknown whether he will face further charges from the subsequent incident. The other three men have yet to be sentenced, but are facing ten years.

    "Brian Carranza admitted beating a Muslim teen with a baseball bat and a pipe, and mowing down pedestrian Ronald Forte, a white man he thought was black.

    'I and others agreed to assault African-Americans in retaliation for Barack Obama winning the election ... because we believed African-Americans had voted for Barack Obama,' Carranza said in Brooklyn Federal Court."

    "Carranza also admitted he stole Forte's cell phone as the victim lay critically injured in the street. Forte survived a coma.

    Federal Judge Carol Amon could slam Carranza with a maximum of 10 years in prison when he's sentenced on April 30."


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