My Thoughts On AIG

By: Joel Irving

The bailout to AIG was a foolish decision on the part of President Bush! The best course of action would have been putting the company on the auction block and selling its assets to the highest bidders. After all there are other large insurance companies that would have been more than happy to acquire AIG’s assets.


  1. So true, the shame is that this Goverment will not stand a chance, whatever they do it will be wrong in so many eyes, we will not see this "team" win for 20 years, then people will say its a fluk?, I wish they would give Obama a real chance, AIG should be Ashamed and brought to justice ASAP for the whole of the USA/World to see, we were swift to move to a war, start a WAR on these groups of Fraudsters

  2. Very true, the problem is that people in the USA, THINK that Obama will cure all the problems that will take 25 years to solve and therefore He is at fault, instead of looking 25 years back and seeing who is to blame for all this mess. The whole world needs to give this new Goverment a CHANCE, AS JOHN LENNON SAID!!


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