Troy's Story

Troy's story is scheduled to return in four weeks from today. If it does return, it will be in full force, uncensored with nothing left to the imagination.


  1. What happened, "Troy?"
    Afraid to get sued for libel?

  2. I am a paralegal and I know the law and I know that I cannot be sued for telling the truth. Furthermore, my assets are judgment proof. Check back with me in four weeks.

  3. i think mr joel irving was a good worker came to work on time everyday work very hard dont realy know what happen but i think the company lost a very good worker peace joel its your boy u know who this i just had to keep it real

  4. Joel
    Please keep us updated on how this all ends. A friend of mine used to work for that company and it is funny how he says the exact same things that you say about them. I read your blog daily for the next chapter in this sad story.


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