Sean Snowden's Sports Review - Game 1

By: Sean Snowden

Game 1 is in the books and it went as well as you could have possibly hoped for the Yankees. I'll admit they were helped out by some uncharacteristic mistakes by the Angels, but they got the hits when they counted therefore capitalizing on those miscues. Outside of that there is one solitary reason for why the first game was a win for the Bombers....C.C. Sabathia. He pitched as great as you would expect an ace to do, and I must say that I was rather impressed with the command of the plate he had the entire game especially the usage of that changeup he was throwing.

Good pitching can suppress scrappy teams like the Angels and that is the precedent the Yankees have to enforce upon the entire pitching staff so the other starters will follow Sabathia's lead. As much as it is great to get the first game, it is only game 1 and there is still much to do and every New Yorker knows the Yankees are not out of the woods yet with the team from Anaheim. The Bombers can celebrate this win for the time being but it's right back to work tomorrow night, just. The baton has now been passed to A.J. Burnett who will take on the same task of shutting down the potent Angels lineup. Let's all hope for the best as the Yankees look to take a small command of the series.

I watched Game 2 between the Dodgers and Phillies and I like many people thought the Phillies had the game in hand, but to no surprise the Dodgers made a comeback once Martinez was taken out of the game. Quite an inauspicious ending to a well pitched game on both ends. Look like this should be an interesting series.