Sean Snowden's Sports Review - Game 2

By: Sean Snowden

Game 2 is in the books and it was a good one, for the average baseball fan it had everything you could have asked for. The Yankees pitching was very impressive in the way they handled the tough situations. Many fans are most likely looking for the real identity of the impostor that is dawning the #13 jersey as it has been synonymous with the word clutch all postseason long. Rodriguez can bask in the spotlight New York has shined on hm since the moment he put on the pinstripes, As far as what I've seen from him in the playoffs he might as well be the white knight coming to rescue whenever trouble befalls the kingdom.

It was a long game that kept you on the edge of your seat as Ic an imagine every fan was sitting on each pitch made. I, like every Yankee fan in the world showed absolute elation as Hairston scored the winning run to secure another important victory. Now it's time to take the series to the west coast where Andy Pettite will take the mound hoping to match Sabathia and Burnett's great outings. Andy is considered by fan to be mr. reliable in the playoffs here's hoping that he can be exactly that for the Yankees Monday afternoon.