Gay Racism in the Castro

In his classic poem "Tongues Untied," black gay poet Marlon Riggs reflects on his experience of moving to San Francisco decades ago. "In this great gay mecca," he writes, "I was an invisible man, still. I had no shadow, no substance. No history, no place. No reflection."

Marlon Riggs is not alone. Black gay men have complained for years about racism in the gay community, but many of these complaints have been dismissed by the larger gay community as the rantings of a few. Now comes a new report from the San Francisco Human Rights Commission that confirms what many of us have known all along: racism is alive and well, even in the legendary Castro district of San Francisco. Read more...


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    Detesting race your choice behind the greed. Elite whom, going eventually displace. LGBT out of San Francisco thank you. Mark Welch incident rationalized,because. Criminals Black never caught so many. Fights robberies within Castro guilty. White stealing and narcotics when LGBT. Police seldom assist you as NYC. Enough if your LGBT it's colorless.

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    San Francisco consider non White LGBT. Inept this my experience of many. Conservative LGBT living in San Francisco shame. On them not speaking for me. Thank you.


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