Speak out against racism within the gay community

Every time the issue of racism against black gays from white gays comes up the main stream media has a magical way of making the subject disappear as if it were never brought to light.
I say, hurry up, pass the gay marriage act in the U.S., so that we can concentrate on more important things, like the prevalence of racism within the gay community. Black gays and lesbians have a new song to sing and that song is, We shall over come someday black gays equal to white gays someday.


  1. Quelling indifference not surprise lack. Unity among LGBT problem is economic. Regoinalism too many minorities give unnecessary. Credit to those not incline understand. Historical damage of America__distrust among. Not only LGBT gender and sexuality. LGBT society yeah, so called mind. Advocacy eager entitle Whites not saying. There speaking for everyone. This agenda take or leave. Non White LGBT need attract others. To survive were fighting for equality! If someone dislikes me on personal. Level so be it going succeed anyway. Take care!


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