The Real Reason Why JP Morgan Chase Wants Debrahlee Lorenzana To Shut Up

Claiming she's tarnishing the financial industry's reputation, ex-Citibanker Debrahlee Lorenzana's current employer, JPMorgan Chase, now threatens to fire her for speaking to the press, the Voice learned today.

The real reason why JP Morgan Chase wants Debrahlee Lorenzana to shut up is probably the same reason that the executives of the now defunct Long Island brokerage Lew Lieberbaum & Co., wanted Kimberly Casper, Deanna Caliendo and Linette Cinelli to shut up. You see when people go public with sexual harassment complaints against a business it inspires other victims to come forward, as it did in the case of Kimberly Casper, Deanna Caliendo, and Linette Cinelli. Their public outcry against sexual harassment made international headline news causing others at the now defunct Lew Lieberbaum & Co., to come forward filing multiple complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and as a result of all the media attention and the multiple complaints coming from employees at Lew Lieberbaum & Co., the EEOC had no choice but to start a class action lawsuit against the now defunct company. So what started out as three women filing complaints with the EEOC, receiving right to sue letters and then suing with private attorneys, ended, in a class action lawsuit litigated by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

In EEOC v. Lew Lieberbaum & Co., the Commission recovered $1.55 million for 17 victims of discrimination and $200,000 for future claimants in the case. EEOC alleged that the defendant subjected its African-American and female employees to a racially and sexually hostile environment; paid them less than other employees; failed to promote them; retaliated against those individuals who complained about the harassment and, in some instances, discharged them.