Michael Bloomberg Needs to Shut The F*@k Up!


"The Senate compromise makes sense in both the short and long term - it will enable us to keep the best teachers this year and achieve our share d goal of quickly implementing a new teacher evaluation system that will eventually be used to guide any future layoff decisions."

There is no such thing as a good teacher or a bad teacher. There is only office politics, manipulation and who gets all the problem children. All of New York City's school teachers are well educated and qualified for the job that they have been hired to do. The question that the teacher's union and the public needs to ask is who is stacking the deck when it comes to assigning students to a particular teacher and classroom? Is Sally Super Teacher, doing a good job because she is teaching the same group of children that have historically performed well in class prior to Sally Super Teachers arrival or did Sally Super Teacher turnaround a group of children that have historically failed?

Any teacher can be made to look like a star or a failure. All you have to do is give him/her all the problem children or give him/her all the children who work hard to achieve good grades. Michael Bloomberg should do an audit to look for patterns of abuse when it comes to assigning students to a particular teacher.

BY: Joel Irving


  1. Whether we want to admit it or not, there are such things as a good and bad teacher. The good ones are the ones that can work with who they have, even if they are struggling, and manage to reach a few. A bad teacher is one that can sit on their rear end and do next to nothing but keep their job because they are assigned the students who can excel academically. In that situation, is that bad teacher actually teaching something? The point of young people going to school is to learn. Only a good teacher can make that happen no matter what type of student(s) they may have. I agree that Bloomberg needs to shut his mouth and look at the bigger picture. Laying off teachers, while the intentions for the future may be good, the short term is not looking very bright at all for the city of New York's education system. As an aspiring teacher, I feel that I can reach any student you give me. Will I be able to make every one of them learn? No because that is up to the student and the effort he/she puts in to school. Nevertheless, the bottom line is, a good teacher can help and a bad one does not give a damn about helping as long as they collect a paycheck. That is the real problem (along with the union being too strong).

  2. All I can say is that you should be careful what you wish for because African Americans seem to always get the short end of the stick when layoffs are based on so called merit systems. Workplace performance is easily manipulated.

  3. I agree. African Americans get the short end of the stick in any workplace no matter how they are performing. I think the merit system is a system that is so full of holes, you can eat it like Swiss cheese. In my opinion, there is no real "merit" system when it comes to the education field because, as I said before, many of the "bad" teachers are keeping their jobs even after doing nothing. It is a very, very sad fact.


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