S & M With Rhianna Or Who Does The Best Imitation Of Madonna, Rhianna Or Lady Gaga?

By: Joel Irving

Rhianna is hot to say the least and she is a great performer but watching her perform, feels like deja vu. Didn't we spend the last two decades reveling in each and every portion of shock pop dished out by Madonna? Twenty years later we are once again bombarded with the same kind of kinky, sometimes sultry performances from not only Rhianna but from the new blond ambition Lady Gaga, who is expressing her self because she was born this way.


  1. Alright here's how I feel. While Rihanna is sultry and a good looking woman (and she never lets us forget it), she is about as talented as a pet mouse running in a wheel. The only thing people can talk about when she performs live is what she wore and not how she sang or danced. It is not necessarily deja vu because the people she is compared to (Lady GaGa, Madonna etc) are actually talented in something other than sex appeal. This video is a prime example of what I am talking about. Nobody watches this video and says "Wow, Rihanna sang well on this song." They say "Wow! Rihanna looks sexy in those outfits." You would think that her shows would sell out more, but when you sell 3700 tickets for a venue that holds over 15,000 people and you look that good, something is wrong (and its not he body).

  2. While Rihanna is undoubtedly a very attractive and provocative woman, however, it might suit her best not to venture into any style that mimics Madonna in any way. Ticket sales for her tour are dismal and it looks to me that everyone is fed up with her sexy gyrations, skimpy outfits and nasally singing tone. It's time for the Barbadian R&B singer to show some true performance skill, the skill that made Alicia Keys and Mary J Blige into iconic figures in the modern music world.


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