Disparate Treatment 101

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission gives Integrated Broadband Services a lesson in disparate treatment. Similarly situated analyst, one black and one white were disciplined unfairly. The white analyst who left 2 hours early from work twice in one week was given a written warning, whereas the black analyst who left 30 minuets early once in one week was fired. Integrated Broadband should have written them both up or fired them.

Disparate treatment looks at equal treatment of employees in the workplace. It is unlawful to treat white employees better than black employees, there should always be equal treatment when it comes to rewards and punishment on the job. Integrated Broadband Services learned about disparate treatment at a cost of $60,0000.00 payed to the EEOC in a civil settlement. What are your opinions on equal employment issues? Feel free to leave a comment.

By: Joel Irving.

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