Former Minister, Jeremy Fulton Should Have Been Castrated And Sentenced To Life In Prison

In his role as a minister, Jeremy Fulton was trusted by parents who unknowingly put their daughters in the hands of a sexual predator who plead guilty to raping and sexually abusing five girls who attended his church. Although, he is expected to be sentenced to 22 years in prison, I think that he should have been castrated and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Those young girls should not have their emotional healing interrupted with the knowledge that their rapist will be out and free to abuse other young victims in 22 years. What do you think? Please, feel free to leave a comment.

By: Joel Irving

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  1. Yes the young girls involve need professional help. Minister Fulton case has to have DNA full DNA results before determining sentencing. The church should not be attack for wrongful doing of a individual who was warn before of his boundaries and actions.

    I am praying for all people in this case and everyone should be telling the truth if they say they are Christians. God is the judge in this case.

  2. Mr. Fulton without doubt is a very sick man. You are a man of God and trusted by many members of the community and this is what you do? I agree the man needs to spend life in prison for an action so reprehensible. No young girl deserves to have their innocence taken from them against their will and I hope while in prison, Mr. Fulton gets his just dessert.

  3. I have yet to understand the lack congruence of the laws. Here is a man who is a clear threat to society and should not be allowed to walk our streets, however in 22 years he will be essentially a free man. I have heard of common thieves who get life without parole, why can't we do the same to people who cause mental and physical harm to children.

  4. I could've been one of his victims. He worked at my catholic middle school and told me he liked me. He also gave me his address for whenever I "needed a place to stay"

  5. Alicia !.......(YES I SED MY NAME!.... WAT U GONNA DO BOUT IT!)June 7, 2011 at 8:21 PM

    HE IS A SICK BASTARD! i went to the camp since i was 9 , i a should have known he was a SICK CHILDREN TOUCH BASTARD! HES PENIS SHOULD SHRIVEL UP LIKE A RAISIN AND FALL OFF!!!!!!!!!

  6. I worked for him for a couple of years, I'm shocked and completely dissapointed Jeremy engaged in such reprehensible acts. 22 years does not cover the uphill battle these young girls will encounter.

  7. My children attended the after school and summer camp he directed a few years ago. He was very fond of my youngest daughter. Thank God that I happened to move and that none of my children became one of his victims. I pray for the victims. He deserves the punishment he receives.


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