Knicks, Yankees, Barry Bonds

Well fellow Knick fans, we never thought we would see it again but after last nights loss to the Celtics, the Knicks WILL be playing again. Sunday evening at 7 is the Knicks first playoff game in seven years as the get ready to face off against the Boston Celtics. This will be their first meeting in the post season in over 20 years in which the Knicks won the series in five games. The biggest difference between the team from 2004 and this years team is not only the roster but the focus. That team in 2004 was not ready to make the playoffs, let alone win a playoff game.

With better leadership in Amar'e Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony, and a player with a championship in Chauncey Billups, the Knicks are much more suited to win at least a playoff game. Do we or anybody else expect the Knicks to win a championship this year? I there's a better shot a winning the mega millions lottery than that happening but they have the potential to do pull a possible upset. I just find it funny that Miami did everything they could to avoid playing the Knicks but that's another story. If the Knicks do not make it out of the first round, there are a lot of things we Knick fans cane be proud of with our team. We clinched a winning season, made the playoffs and now have the basis of a team on the rise. Lets hope the Knicks continue their success in the future.

Last night the Yankees won their game by the score of 7-4 over the Baltimore Orioles. Baltimore starting pitcher Chris Tillman clearly did not have it as he surrendered 6 of the 7 runs the Yankees scored. Home runs by Alex Rodriguez & Jorge Posada gave the Yankees the lead early and they never relinquished it. In the seventh, A.J. Burnett threw two bad pitches and Matt Wieters and Brian Roberts both hit two run homers. Nevertheless, is was not enough as the Yankees early pounding on Tillman as Mariano shut the Orioles down in the 9th and secured the win. It's good to A.J. winning early but that has not been his problem in his first two years with the Yankees. We shall see what happens after April & May.

Barry Bonds dodged a serious bullet yesterday as the jury was deadlocked on his three perjury charges for steroids, & HGH. I feel that the jury had to convict Bonds of something so they agreed to obstruction of justice, which for those who are not legal savvy, it means that Bonds was convicted of not cooperating with the investigation. Bonds skated without any real damage because he will likely not face any jail time and the steroid allegations against him have subsided...for now. Why do I say for now. In case people have forgotten, the Mitchell Report still has not released every name on the list. It is more than likely that Bonds name will appear on that list and if you do not believe me let's look at proof shall we? Here I have a picture of Bonds when he was on Pittsburgh and when he was on San Francisco. Do we not see the difference in size? I am sorry but I truly believe Bonds is as guilty as Canseco, McGwire, Palmeiro and Clemens. All of these men had great major league careers...up until they put stuff in their body to get an edge. If you had any decency Barry, you would just admit to your usage and get on with you

By: Scott Snowden