Sports/ Baseball, NBA Conference Finals, French Open

Well, the world of sports has been very eventful lately. Now that the very first of the Grand Slam tennis tournaments has begun, the NBA's final four are well into their series, as well as the NHL, and baseball is heading into its third month, there is a lot to discuss!

I'll start with baseball. So far, the Cleveland Indians continue to be the surprise of the baseball season as they now have the best record in baseball at 30-15 with the Phillies not too far behind them at 29-18. The funny thing is, I believe the Phillies are yet to play their best baseball, especially since their big off season acquisition Cliff Lee is just 2-5 thus far. However, the other big story right now is how tight the race is in the AL East. The Yankees, Rays, and Red Sox all lost last night so the division has not moved. Nevertheless, just like the Phillies, I believe the Yankees have not played their best baseball either. The key to this division is going to be who finishes the strongest. By the way, while we are on the AL East, how about the steroid type season Jose Bautista is having? Random drug test anybody? Major League Baseball has an obligation to check guys who have inflated numbers and it is more of an obligation now since the pitcher is making a comeback. We shall see what transpires during the course of the year.

The NBA conference finals are in full swing with the league's most hated team the Miami Heat up 2-1 in their series against Chicago, and Dallas up 3-1 on a young Oklahoma City team. Last night, the Thunder proved to me one thing. They are a good, young, on the rise basketball team, but they are not ready to be a championship team. Dirk Nowitski is proving once and for all, he is one of the best players in the NBA and the Mavericks proved they have incredible poise. With about 4 and a half minutes left, the Thunder had a 15 point lead but then James Harden fouled out. It was all downhill from there as OKC could not find any offense at all. Dallas would go on a 17-2 run to send the game to overtime and eventually win the game. Dallas is ready to be a win their first title, now more than ever. Chicago on the other hand, had better find some way to stop the Heat or their championship dreams are going to go down the drain. Their spacing is bad on offense and they had a problem stopping Chris Bosh in the Game 3. However, I believe Tom Thibodeau will have a defensive strategy to fight off the Heat and send the series back to Chicago tied up.

The French Open has begun and there are many questions to be answered. Will Novak Djokovic continue his impressive run? Will Rafael Nadal run his way to another French Open title? Will Roger Federer win his second? What will the women's open look like without either Williams sister? A whole lot of things to think about but it should be an exciting tournament.

Thats all for now sports fans. Until next time!