Goodight L.A.

The two time defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers have been emphatically swept out of the playoffs after losing to the Mavericks 122-86. A rather embarrassing ousting for such a proud and tradition rich organization. You have to feel bad for Phil Jackson who until today had never been swept in any playoff series in his entire coaching career; when you have the likes of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Shaquille O'Neal to coach, it's a pretty safe bet that getting swept is the last thing on your mind. I can't imagine that Dr. Jerry Buss is going over this with a grain of salt, especially since his team was even favored over the Miami Heat and the Wade, James, Bosh trio. Look for some major changes to be on the horizon and with it the many calls for the team to vigorously pursue superstar center Dwight Howard or point guard Chris Paul (if the Knicks don't land him first) who will most likely hit the free agent market in 2012. For now it's off to the golf courses and vacation hot spots for Kobe Bryant and crew, no doubt this one will not set well him and you have to figure he will have an indirect influence on who the team acquires and who they trade away to get it.