A Look from the Horizon

In the last couple of days, we have seen many things happen in the world of sports. The L.A. Lakers were swept out of the playoffs emphatically for the first time in 12 seasons, Tiger Woods has decided to play in the Player's Championship this week, the Detroit Red Wings have overcome a 0-3 deficit to tie their series up at three against the Sharks, the Miami Heat are advancing to the Eastern conference finals, and there is still no deal in the NFL lockout which is nearing 60 days long. What else can happen in the coming days?!

Watching Kobe and Phil get their behinds kicked so badly in Dallas was a very glorious moment for Laker haters around the globe. This leaves questions of what is happening in the L.A. next year. Is Phil Jackson done for good? Who will the Lakers let go of first, Gasol, Odom, or Bynum? Did Odom's ridiculous reality show, allowing the Kardashians to be around the Lakers affect the team's play? Are Odom's wife and Gasol's girlfriend at each others throat? So many questions without answers but only time will tell.

All I have to say on Tiger Woods is...WIN A DAMN TOURNAMENT!! The way you played in the Master's was great. If you can just do that for four rounds this week, you might just win. Good Luck Tiger, you're going to need it.

Its officially time to panic in San Jose. The Sharks had a commanding 3 games to none lead until the Red Wings decided it was time to play hockey again. One thing I have learned about hockey is never, EVER, count out hockey town in the playoffs. With players like Henrik Zetterberg, Pavel Datsyuk, and Johan Franzen, its tough to win a series against them, let alone be up 3-0. San Jose is a very good team as well and will have home ice to try and clinch the series but they failed to do it once already in this series. Can they close it out tonight?

NFL...YOU STINK!!! Hey Goodell, do you think the fans at the draft that night were kidding when they chanted "We want football!" or are you just too arrogant to realize that? On the players side, I said it once and I'll say it again. You are in no position to play hardball if 19 players have been arrested since the lockout began. GET A DEAL DONE AND LETS PLAY FOOTBALL YOU JERKS!!!