Advises PlayStation Network, Qriocity Users to Take Steps to Reduce ID Theft Risk – the federal government’s online security site, managed by the Federal Trade Commission – is offering information to help PlayStation Network and Qriocity users avoid the risk of identity theft following Sony Corporation’s disclosure that those services were hacked and user data may be compromised. It’s not clear at this time what user data was stolen, but the services held user IDs and passwords, e-mail and street addresses, birth dates, credit card numbers and expiration dates, and payment histories. advises PlayStation Network and Qriocity users to take these steps to reduce the risk of identity theft:
  • If you used your PlayStation ID or password to log in to other accounts, change them – and, since hackers could have your security questions and answers from Sony, use different questions for other accounts.
  • When you open your e-mail, consider whether any of the messages could be a phishing scam. Having stolen information could make it easier for crooks to send e-mails that appear to be from PlayStation, Sony or even another gamer. If an e-mail asks for your credit card number or Social Security number – don’t give it.
  • Monitor your financial accounts and billing statements often. If you can’t remember which credit card you used for your PlayStation account, check your e-mail for messages about billing from “” If you see charges you don't recognize, contact your bank or credit card company’s fraud department right away.
  • Check out your credit report – for free copies, visit or call 1-877-322-8228. If you see unfamiliar accounts or addresses, or inaccurate information, contact the credit reporting company and the information provider. To learn how to correct errors on your credit report, visit
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