Racial and Sexual Discrimination At Regal Entertainment Group's United Artists Movie Theater In Farmingdale New York?

It's Friday, May the 6th the opening day for the new Marvel movie Thor and like a child on Christmas day I eagerly anticipate getting off from work and rushing over to the United Artist Theater in Farmingdale, New York, for the 5:30 p.m., showing of Thor! It is 3:00 p.m., and I am off from my job as a Certified Nursing Assistant, so off I go in my grey medical scrubs and duffel bag, (common attire for today's medical professional) on my journey to the United Artist movie theater in Farmingdale, NY.
At last I am there and my adrenalin is pumping, I cant wait to see Thor! I rush into the movie theater and I am first on line, I hand the box office woman my debit card as I ask for one ticket to see Thor in 3D. After purchasing...

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