Yankee Struggles Continue

Last night, the New York Yankees lost their sixth straight game but this time it was not completely the fault of the offense. A.J. Burnett was in cruise control for most of his start and after a three run homer by Curtis Granderson, all he needed to do was pitch two more solid innings. Instead, he surrendered a four run lead in the sixth inning on home runs my Matt Joyce and B.J. Upton to make it 6-5 and the Yankees was shell shocked.

Why does this happen to every New York team in almost every professional sport? The Mets choked back to back seasons in '07 and '08 when leading their division, the Knicks get too complacent and can't ever seem to bury a team, the Rangers can never seem to play a good game when they really need to, both New York football choke when they can't afford it, and now we can add the Yankees to that list. As a New York sports fan, I know how sick we are of our teams constantly doing this. Whatever is wrong with the Yankees, they better fix it and soon. I guess the only good news that comes of this is that it is still May and there is plenty of baseball still left to play.