Attorney Suspended For Emailing Penis Photos

(CN) - The Kansas Supreme Court suspended an attorney indefinitely for sending explicit photos to a police officer who was posing as a 14-year-old girl. Cesar Alberto Baca was on his home computer in Missouri when he communicated in a chat room with someone he thought was a Colorado teenager. Baca described himself as a 30-year-old in Colorado and used the online names "machavalia" and "krazeecock." During his online chats, Baca uploaded three photos of his penis.

Eight days after the first internet contact, a Colorado law enforcement officer contacted Baca, who admitted that he was a lawyer in Missouri and the he posted the photos. He pleaded guilty to indecent exposure and was placed on probation. Baca was disbarred in Missouri, and Kansas hearing panel recommended his suspension in that state as well.

Source: Courthouse News Service