Criminal Pattern For JP Morgan Chase?

Two days after JP Morgan Chase & Co revealed it lost billions of dollars on bad trades, CEO Jamie Dimon said the embattled bank was "sloppy" and had committed errors in judgment.

SEC Charges J. P. Morgan Securities with Fraudulent Bidding Practices Involving Investment of Municipal Bond Proceeds

JPMorgan Chase Admits to Anticompetitive Conduct by Former Employees in the Municipal Bond Investments Market and Agrees to Pay $228 Million to Federal and State Agencies

JPMorgan has settled with the U.S. Treasury Department on an $88.3 million payout for breaking U.S. embargo laws and trade sanctions in three incidents between 2005 and 2011, The New York Times' Dealbook reports. The bank made a series of transactions with Cuba, Iran and Sudan over that time. The list of infractions are as follows, and total to an estimated $181.4 million in violations:

JP Morgan Chase & Co., the largest and second largest US banks respectively, reached an agreement July 28 with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to pay a combined $255 million in fines in connection with their involvement in the fraud perpetrated by Enron.

One day after a regulator fined JPMorgan Chase -– the biggest bank in America -- $20 million for letting Lehman Brothers take on too much debt, the bank’s CEO, Jamie Dimon, wants shareholders to know that they own stock in “an exceptional company.”

A U.S. regulator ordered JPMorgan Chase & Co to pay $3.62 million in fines and reimbursement for recommending investments linked to junk bonds to unsophisticated customers who might not have been able to take on the risks.


A construction safety coordinator filed a $20 million lawsuit, accusing her employer of ignoring reports of sexual harassment while working at a Park Avenue JPMorgan Chase building site.