Plastic Surgeon Says 'Mob Wife' Defamed Him


BROOKLYN (CN) - A plastic surgeon claims in court that a star of the VH1 TV show "Mob Wives" defamed him by staging a fake incident in a recovery room for cameras taping her recovery from a full body lift.

Dr. Andrew Klapper sued Renee Graziano, six corporations - The Weinstein Co., JustJenn Productions, VH1, Marrow Media Co., Music & Logo Group Viacom, and Electus - and Debra Rossi, in Federal Court.

On March 1 this year, Graziano falsely accused Klapper of committing medical malpractice in a report to the Office of Professional Medical Conduct, or OPMC, claiming she almost bled to death after the procedure, the doctor says in his complaint.

"In fact, each and every one of the false allegations made by defendant, Renee Graziano, to the OPMC had no basis in fact and was another attempt by defendant to bring attention to herself for the purpose of promoting her reality television show 'Mob Wives,'" Klapper's complaint states.

The surgeon says he has never been disciplined before, and that he spent "significant time and monies" to fend off Graziano's "extreme charges."

Part of Graziano's procedure was broadcast, and she later complained about it in print, TV and radio interviews.

Klapper's complaint cites three pages of excerpts from the articles and broadcasts:

OK Magazine published an interview with Graziano on July 15, 2011 article, in which she said she was covered in a "pool of blood."

"Honestly, I don't remember because I was still under anesthesia," she told the magazine, as quoted in the complaint. "But I had to undergo a blood transfusion; I received three pints."

Klapper claims that Graziano began to "thrash and throw her body in different directions" because she knew her "theatrics" were being filmed for an episode of the program.

Graziano told the Huffington Post that she had a "near death experience," stating, "I feel like I ripped my stitches wide open; I felt the blood leaving my body," according to the complaint.

Klapper says she claimed she lost six pints of blood, more than half the volume in the average human body.

"Defendant, Renee Graziano, never lost six (6) pints of blood, nor was she rushed to an energy room," the complaint states in boldface. "In fact, the defendant was re-sedated so Dr. Klapper could re-stitch her lower back which resulted from her own intentional, abnormal behavior to garner attention for the cameras as they were filming her recovery."

She also false told,, VH1blog that she was on death's door, Klapper claims. He claims Graziano also defamed him on Anderson Cooper 360, Fox LA, and The View.

Klapper claims Graziano also defamed his sister, a federal prosecutor, and his brother-in-law, a judge.

They are not named as parties to the lawsuit.

"All of the above-statements and assertions made by defendants, servants, agents and/or employees who acted in concert with each other for the purpose of enhancing their viewer ratings and promoting their on line blogs, articles and interviews, with the sole purpose of promoting their reality television show 'Mob Wives,'" the complaint states.

Klapper also sued a former employee, Debra Rossi, whom he claims he fired for misconduct before she "engaged in an ongoing and systematic campaign to destroy Dr. Klapper's medical practice."

According to the complaint, Rossi wrote in an email: "Let me start by saying any good reviews on here about Dr. Klapper are written by Dr. Klapper himself. You will find that Chris J, or Latnee S are not real patients of his. The fact about Dr. Klapper is that he is seriously addicted to drugs and has extensive mental problems. A simple google search of 'Martinez v. Klapper' will show you the whole story and the real truth about Dr. Klapper. He is about to lose his medical license for good for doing a terrible job during a surgery he did on a young woman. He used equipment that was not properly inspected that he bought on ebay to try to save some money and gave absolutely no after care as the family called him and pleaded for help causing the death to a healthy 33 year old woman and mother of 3. Please stay away from this surgeon if you value your health and life."

Klapper claims Rossi wrote this email to help promote "Mob Wives."

Klapper seeks $10 million for defamation. He is represented by Barry Levin, of Garden City, N.Y.

Source: Courthouse News Service