Woman Claims Boss Masturbated Every Day


CHICAGO (CN) - A Cook County highway boss asked a woman who worked for him "to come into his office every day at around 4 o'clock while he watched porn and masturbated," the woman claims in court.

Philishia Fields and Helen Chandler sued the Cook County Highway Department, Keith Washington and Mike Davis in Cook County Court.

Fields and Chandler claim their bosses at the Highway Department, Washington and Davis, sexually harassed them for years.

"(F)rom approximately July 2010 through October 2011, Washington asked Fields to come into his office every day at around 4 o'clock while he watched porn and masturbate," the complaint states.

During these 15 or 16 months, "every day that Washington was not in a meeting, he would masturbate in his office at around 4 o'clock," according to the complaint.

Field adds that "in response to Washington's sexual advances, degrading language, and offensive behavior, Fields told Washington that he is disgusting and to stop acting that way."

She claims that "on four separate occasions, Washington told Fields to masturbate while he masturbates."

Also during this time, she claims, "on numerous occasions, Washington stated 'you're my girlfriend, you can't date anyone because that's cheating on me.'

"That in response to Washington's aforementioned comment, Fields stated she is not his woman, that he has a wife, he is delusional, and he is crazy."

According to the 38page complaint, from July 2010 through October 2011, "Washington asked for oral sex on a daily basis," and told Fields "I want you to play with your vagina while I masturbate," and "I want you to suck my penis."

She claims: "Washington constantly rubbed his penis on Fields' butt when he walked behind her despite there being sufficiently room to avoid bodily contact."

She claims that Washington frequently offered to pay her for sexual favors, to pay for her to travel with him for sex, to pay for new clothes or to pay her bills if she had sex with him.

"In response to Washington's sexually offensive language and behavior, Fields stated that she is a lesbian, that she has a girlfriend, that he has a wife, that he is nasty, and that he is old enough to be her father," the complaint states.

Fields claims that "on a nearly daily basis, Washington stated that it was a waste for Fields to have a girlfriend."

In June 2011, Fields says, Washington told her, "I don't know why you're with a woman. It's just that's not right for you to be licking on another woman when you can be sucking my penis."

Fields claims Mike Davis also asked her for sexual favors repeatedly and made sexual comments about her body.

Co-plaintiff Chandler makes similar claims against Washington.

Although Fields repeatedly requested transfers due to the sexual harassment, she did not receive one until October 2011, when she was given additional job duties, but not paid a higher wage, she says.

"Cook County condoned sexual harassment and failed to maintain a harassment-free work environment by failing to provide adequate training, counseling, discipline and instructions to its employees and officers," the complaint states.

"(T)he sexual harassment Fields was subjected to by the hands of Washington, was severe, persistent in nature, unwelcome, extremely offensive, humiliating, and effective in creating a hostile and intimidating work environment for Fields that substantially interfered with Fields' ability to perform her job."

The women seek damages for sexual harassment, sexual orientation harassment, and retaliation.

They are represented by Scott Fanning with Asonye & Associates.

Source: Courthouse News Service